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BACKGROUND It started as a few college kids sitting around discussing alternative fuel sources and one student's recent accomplishment of converting an engine to run on vegetable oil. Within a few hours, Project Bio Bus planned to convert a school bus to run on vegetable oil and crossing the country to promote alternative fuel sources.

ACTIONS Logo:Adellio:Creative immediately created a logo that would be used in all marketing materials. Web Site: A web site proved the most cost effective way to promote their cause without a real budget. The web site included technical explanations, team member profiles, planned route for the trip, and a section to collect and thank sponsors.

PR: By creating a professional web site, logo, and non-profit structure, the buzz quickly caught media attention. Adellio:Creative spearheaded management of press appearances in the early weeks of their project. On the day the bus left Vermont, CNN featured their story and over 18K visitors came to the web site. During their trip, they were able to get additional corporate sponsors and exposure.

OUTCOME The first Project Bio Bus trip was completed in Summer of 2003 and recognition for the organization has grown. Additional funding enabled several students to take a semester touring the country to visit schools presenting their cause. The students now handle the management of the web site, finances, and complete workings of the organization.
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